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In the Soundmap and Soundmap App, classical, acoustic and electric guitars are the same. The pitch range goes from 2E to 6C on most of them, which means 45 different notes (pitches). Some guitars have more frets to achieve a wider range, so higher possible notes, even up to 6E, can be played. But overall, the guitar with standard tuning has a small pitch range. That’s because almost every note is
repeated on different string(s). The difference between repeated notes on different strings is only in timbre. For example, if we look at the note 3G , we notice that the note repeats itself four times. All four 3G notes have the same pitch, but with different timbre.

Let’s observe the positions of some notes:

  • Notes 2E, 2F, 2F♯, 2G and 2G♯ on the left bass side (the thickest string) appear only once, just like the notes 5G♯, 5A, 5A♯, 5B and 6C on the right side (the thinnest string).
  • The first repeated bass note is 2A and the last repeated note on the treble side is 5G.
  • The most repeated notes are 3B, 4C, 4E and 4F. Each of them can be played from five different locations.

Caution: circumstances can change when we change the tuning and/or we have the guitar with more or less than twenty frets. I used one fret more when designing the Soundmap application.

So, which of these repeated notes to use when you try out the algorithm? Well, this is not an easy question. It depends on many things, especially on what would you like to achieve.
Most people use notes that are physically closer together with the combination of open strings. But, if you play solo with sliding up the neck … well, that’s a different story :)
Right now we’re still working on one important function that will be implemented as soon as possible. More description will be added then.


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  1. Hi Nodir! This one is Duch verson :) There’s no English version at least not yet, but I am considering making one… For now you can use Soundmap app where you got all the translations and make print screen.

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