Fresh explanation!

Explanation under the instrument is now automatically chosen when you click on the drop-down menu(s).

If you want that some explanation persist, click on the label(s) near to drop-down menu(s), like “Naming:”.

To reset explanation persistence, click on the checkbox to Show/hide explanation.

Words were wisely chosen that anyone can understand. :)

New namings!

As you may notice, many new namings were added. At some of them we needed to do some compromises, like Cyrillic. Most languages that use Cyrillic use 4 letters for “Sol” note, writing it “Соль”. Since there’s not enough space for 4 letters, we used 3 and wrote it “Сол”.

Some namings might be displayed different in different browsers. For example, languages that use right to left writing. If namings are not displayed well in a browser, it might be displayed well in other, and vice versa. For Korean namings we advise to use the Opera browser, otherwise namings might appear too thin.

We put lot of time and effort to translate and code new namings. But since we don’t own Babel fish, we can’t say for sure that they are entirely correct.  So if you find any mistake, let us know in the comments!